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Petra Maha Maha Sila Pink Sand or Red Road City, a world heritage city carved from whole mountains Exciting with horseback traversing the valleys and walking on foot into the cracks of the crust (Siq), which hides the grandeur of the Basilica of the Pink Sand Castle, El Casneh for thousands of years …


Jordan is considered the center of friendship in the Middle East. Holy Land where Moses died And the civilization of the great Roman civilization over 2,000 years ago


Petra City, City of Roses A city that has been forgotten from people’s memories and has disappeared from the map for thousands of years. Hidden among the embrace of the steep mountains as a great fortress


When traversing over 800 meters of rock and sand that will head in a magical path at the entrance of Petra, the niche of the so-called Siq, a 250-foot-high valley and winding along that path. Leaning through to the city center Caused by water erosion until causing a small passage Between the valleys The beauty of the valley on both sides Beautiful with various colored stones That occur from nature Observe the traces of ruins that still show signs of managing irrigation in Transporting water from mountain water sources into the city is remarkable And there are many art paintings from the mountains


เพตรา นครศิลาสีกุหลาบ


From there, enter the steep cliffs on both sides of the marvelous pink sand stone city. Be dazzled by the beauty of the holy cathedral, the pink sand castle. It used to be the location for filming the movie “Indiana Jones”, part 3 of the horizon. The cathedral is beautifully sculpted and sculpted from the mountains. It is a 2-story building decorated with Corinthians pillars and human figures. Engraved from the hill in the middle of the city It is said to be the storehouse of Pharaoh’s treasures.


Petra has been the capital city of the Nabetian people since the 4th century BC. The city is located in the middle of the trade routes of the Arabian Peninsula – Nile River Basin and Palestine – Lowlands. Tigris and Euphrates rivers All the way to India Therefore making it a city center of land trade routes as well


For this reason, the Romans took over. Until the year 363, there was an earthquake, houses inside the city collapsed together with the opening of the route. Maritime trade at Suez Bay The people of the city then abandoned each other to other cities. Petra eventually became a deserted city.


Over time The sand flew over the entire city. Until disappearing from the map for over a thousand years But finally, in the year 1813, John Lewisham Berkard Swiss travelers have found this city. Began to appear to the world again, and in 1985, UNESCO declared Petra as a World Heritage City

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