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Hengdian World Studios located in the town of Hengdian in Jinhua, 160 kilometers away from Hangzhou and within the 4-hour-transportation tourism and economy circle, is the largest films and teleplay shooting base in Asia, covering an area of 121 square kilometers. Hengdian World Studios was originally built during the mid-1990s with an accumulative investment of 3 billion yuan. There are 13 film and teleplay shooting bases and 2 ultra-large modern studios with regional design characteristics of both the South and the North, including Guangzhou Street (广州街), Hong Kong Street (香港街), Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (明清故宫), Emperor Qin Palace (秦王宫), Dazhi Temple(大智禅寺) and the Dreamland (梦幻谷), which have attracted tens of thousands of directors and actors to work there. It has even been awarded the title of “China’s Hollywood” by an American magazine.


Combining North China’s cultural element with that of South China, Hengdian World Studios  attract directors from far and near to look for views for their films, and it consists of seven scenic zones:

Qin Imperial Palace Scenic Zone

Qin Imperial Palace Scenic Zone is designed based on the original Xiyang Palace of the Qin Dynasty (presently known as Xian Palace), where the famous films such as ‘Jing Ke’s Assassination Attempt of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’ and ‘Hero and Master of Kung Fu’ were shot.

Pure Moon Festival Riverside Scenic Zone

Pure Moon Festival Riverside Scenic Zone is modeled on the painting by Zhang Zeduan, and it fully takes into consideration the social background, folk customs and architectural style of the Song Dynasty. It’s the birthplace of such popular films as ‘Lotus Lamp’ and ‘Legend of the Divine Sword and Wizardly Knight-Errant’.

Dazhi Temple Scenic Area

With a history of 1,500 years, Dazhi Temple Scenic Area features the tallest indoor statue of Shakyamuni, which is in a magnificent condition after renovations. Films such as ‘Two Peerless Heroes’ and ‘Living Buddha Qigong’ were produced in the scenic area.


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