By | February 20, 2018
Crest 3d white strips uk

The reviewing of JNH who purchased Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips and Target Up & Up. He took crest whitestrips comparison as follows.

  1. He just uncertain that both made his teeth any whiter after he used two weeks. But he thought the Target brand doing a good job made the comparison of “before Crest” and “after Crest” difficult to assess. however, he thought that the Crest strips were working.

Crest whitestrips comparison

  1. The Crest strips were thicker and easier to wear into his mouth. There were more rigidness, therefore wrapping them around teeth was easier. Specifically the Target bottom strip was very flexible, which sometimes got folded over and didn’t be good to fit. But If it did go in straight, the fit was fine. 
  2. The Target brand strips were much thinner and easier in removing. I thought the Target strips also stayed in place so well, but if you are worried about the sliding of strip, get the Crest ones.

Crest whitestrips comparison

  1. The Target top strip was a little smaller and the bottom strip was a little larger.
  2. I found that the Target strips were hard to get out of the package while The Crest strips came out of the package easier. In all fairness, his wife used the Target strips from a second box and did not have this problem.

He got a very good price from Amazon for the Crest Strips so cost wouldn’t be much of an issue.


You can read more details, price, reviews, and buy from this link.





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