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When know that the husband is gay.

What are you going to do If one day you come to realize that your husband and father of child changed from the 100%real man to love the same sex. He may confess to you directly. Because he cannot keep the secret…Read More »

Jealous child

Which house has two children? The age of about 2-3 years often faced with the problem of heavy weight in sibling. Differences in age and gender are the most common causes of child jealousy. For example, the older brother jealous young brother…Read More »

Recover emotion bomb

Violence in children has become a more complex issue. When violence starts in children who is younger down. Both the offender and the victim are both young children. Two families of two children must fall under the difficulty to be depressed. Especially…Read More »

Rivalry between siblings

T.Berry Brazelton, M.D. best-selling author of Touchpoints (Touch Point), is the founder of the Children’s Development Department at Boston Hospital said that For families with small children more than one person, often can not escape the problem jealous brothers. Competition between sibling.…Read More »